Memo on Guidelines for 2021 Elections of Chapter Officers

The 24th Board of Governors has approved the guidelines for the conduct of the election for Chapter Officers on the last Saturday of February 2021.

    Please note that votes may be cast physically, or electronically by email. The online voting option will address the mobility limitations during the COVID 19 pandemic, level-up IBP processes, and enhance member involvement.

    Chapters are hereby directed to adopt the COVID 19 cautionary protocols for physical voting, take all necessary measures to ensure the widest possible participation of our members and safeguard the integrity of the votes as well as the election process. Please note the timelines and promptly inform/guide your members so that they can participate in the electoral process.

    As IBP has consistently and successfully advocated for harnessing information technology to do more, better, faster in the justice sector and we now have online MCLE, e-filing, remote notarization, online hearings, inquest processes, meetings, law classes, payment of IBP dues, processing of ID’s, and possibly bar examinations, it is incumbent upon us to use available technology to improve our electoral process. Let us all cooperate in raising the standards of the legal profession.

    IBP National shall assist in addressing any concern or need of the Chapters.

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