Lifetime Membership Rules



WHEREAS, the By-Laws of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) provides that a member of the IBP may apply for life membership therein by filing an application therefor directly with the national office or through the appropriate chapter under the following terms:

(1) That the member shall be in good standing as provided for under Section 20, Article II of the By-Laws at the time he files his application for life membership;

(2) That he pays to the national office his life membership fee; and

That he abides by the rules and regulations promulgated by the Integra ted Bar of the Philippines implementing the life membership plan. Upon payment of the life membership fee, the member shall be enrolled in the Roll of Life Members to be prepared by and kept in the Office of the Treasurer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. He shall be issued a certificate of life membership to be signed by the National President and attested by the National Secretary.

WHEREAS, in view of the afore-stated provision of the By-Laws, there is a need to promulgate rules and regulations in the implementation of the life me1nbership plan of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines taking into consideration that life membership is a privilege and not a right;

WHEREFORE, the Board of Governors of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines resolves to promulgate the following rules and regulations implementing the life membership plan:

Section 1. Any lawyer, at the time he files his application for life membership, should have met the following qualifications:

a.) be a member in good standing;

b.) had at least ten (10) years of continuous membership in the IBP;

c.) should have attended at least five (5) conventions of the IBP, either national or regional, or a combination thereof;

d.) must have rendered at least one hundred twenty (120) hours of free legal aid service with the IBP.

The term "continuous membership" shall mean continuous payment of the annual membership dues to the IBP and shall not include the years when a member incurs arrears. For a member who was disbarred or whose membership was terminated, "continuous membership" shall start on the date of his reinstatement.

Section. 2. The application for life membership shall be approved by the National President upon favorable recommendation by the National Secretary, National Treasurer and the Director of the National Center for Legal Aid (NCLA) and a clearance of "no pending case" from the Commission on Bar Discipline (CBD).

Section. 3. The Certificate of Life Membership shall be issued only during the National or Regional Convention of the IBP.

Section. 4. A lifetime member of the IBP shall be entitled to all rights and privileges without further payment of the annual membership dues, provided he complies with the conditions of life membership as may be promulgated by the IBP Board of Governors.

Section. 5. A lifetime member of the IBP shall continue to be liable to pay any special assessment that may be imposed by the National Office or his Chapter.

Any resolution, policy, rule or other issuance earlier approved, adopted or promulgated by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines that is inconsistent herewith is deemed amended or modified accordingly.

This board resolution shall take effect immediately.

Done on this 2nd day of May in the year 2018 during the IBP Board of Governors Meeting held in Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga.

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