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    Call for Papers | IBP Journal Special Issues

IBP Journal

The IBP Journal is the official legal publication of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines promoting the rule of law as the medium for meaningful discourse and commentary on the pressing legal issues.

August 2020

IBP Journal Vol. 45, Issue No. 1
Special Issue on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought massive disruptions to the Philippine legal and judicial system. As the specter of the COVID-19 virus swept throughout the country, drastic lockdowns were enforced, leading to complete shutdowns of courtrooms, government agencies, law offices, and law schools. Almost the entire legal system slid into paralysis, as did the rest of society. It was unprecedented.

To survive and stay relevant in a world gripped by a pandemic, every lawyer, just like the rest of society, must retool and adapt, and every legal institution must reinvent and reengineer. After all, amid all the public health uncertainties, the government must govern, the wheels of justice must turn, commerce must grind, private conflicts must be managed, legal learning and solutions must forge ahead.

This Special Issue tackles the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legal profession and the judicial system. This edition also heralds the assumption of a new set of editorial team and editorial board, who are mostly incumbent deans of various law schools from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In all, the articles are guides in these unprecedented times. No doubt the pandemic has receded the boundaries and disrupted the routines of courts and the legal profession. And the featured articles offer visions of transforming a crisis into an opportunity for growth.

September 2020

IBP Journal Vol. 45, Issue No. 2

The practice of law is pointless if it does not, above all, champion human dignity, respect for rights, and access to justice.

Whether in the broad arena of international law or the smaller venues of a local drug court or a legal aid program for the underprivileged, the articles in this issue emphasize a common theme: the IBP Journal aims to be a platform for advocacies that redound to the legal profession’s duty to champion human dignity, respect for rights, and access to justice. Through this issue, the IBP Journal hopes to give voice to the voiceless.